Upon your arrival, our friendly staff will go over the small amount of paperwork that is necessary to establish you as a patient in our office. At your initial appointment, you will need to bring with you your insurance cards.
We only use the best products in the world for our patients. Out of the 35 plus manufacturers of hearing aids, only 5 actually develop and research the technology that is used. We only use products from those companies.
A real world look at understanding hearing, hearing health providers, things to be cautious about when looking for help, and the real truth behind cost.
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The "YOU" Approach

We take the "YOU" approach to hearing health care. YOUR hearing needs and lifestyle are unique to YOU. Our approach is to learn about YOU, find out what YOUR lifestyle is like, what types of listening situations and needs YOU have, so that we can match the right product and accessories to YOUR needs and YOUR hearing loss requirements.

The "YOU" approach creates happier and more satisfied patients, and is the cornerstone of how we provide our services to YOU.

"Describing what I like 'best' is very difficult. Everyone in the Ashbrook Organization was extremely knowledgeable, nice, enjoyable, and professional - A great place to do business. The hearing aids themselves are working great for me. No doubt, the 'fit' was done by someone who knew their business. Thanks to all at Ashbrook!"
Coy Park
"I like this company and their product. My hearing aid works good. The staff is always friendly."
Christine Conner
"The way that they try to help you with the best hearing aid for you. They keep working with you so you can hear the best. I would recommend Ashbrook Audiology to anyone with a hearing problem."
Frances Handy