About Us


Our Mission at Ashbrook Audiology & Hearing Aid Centers, Inc. is to provide the best quality hearing health care, service and products at the best value possible. All done in a friendly no pressure environment to insure YOU receive the best possible hearing ability nature will allow.


Paul Ashbrook is a hearing aid wearer himself. As a hearing aid wearer, and as someone who works in this industry, he has access to any and all manufacturers products. This allows him to use and try many manufacturers products to insure the quality and user ability of these products. Ashbrook Audiology & Hearing Aid Center, Inc. wants to insure YOU receive the best products for YOUR specific needs. Ashbrook Audiology & Hearing Aid Centers, Inc. was established by Paul E. Ashbrook, Audiologist in January 2003. He is a native of the Martinsville area and has many years experience prescribing, fitting, and servicing hearing aids. Since the original opening in 2003, Ashbrook Audiology & Hearing Aid Centers, Inc. has expanded to offices in Danville, Virginia, and Stuart, Virginia.

Ashbrook Audiology & Hearing Aid Centers, Inc. staff of professionals, continually update their skills through trainings and seminars. They want to always provide YOU with the best possible care and professionalism they can. YOUR hearing is important to us.

The "YOU" Approach

We take the "YOU" approach to hearing health care. YOUR hearing needs and lifestyle are unique to YOU. Our approach is to learn about YOU, find out what YOUR lifestyle is like, what types of listening situations and needs YOU have, so that we can match the right product and accessories to YOUR needs and YOUR hearing loss requirements.

The "YOU" approach creates happier and more satisfied patients, and is the cornerstone of how we provide our services to YOU.

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