Initial Visit Information

Upon your arrival, our friendly staff will go over the small amount of paperwork that is necessary to establish you as a patient in our office. At your initial appointment, you will need to bring with you your insurance cards. Your insurance will pay for your hearing evaluation, beyond any co-pay or deductible that may need to be met. If you have a co-pay it will need to be collected at the time of your appointment, so please plan for that.

After your paperwork is complete, one of our hearing health care professionals will bring you to the hearing testing area. We will typically start with questions related to your visit, your past hearing history, medical history, and lifestyle history. These are all important elements in our approach to helping you hear better. Then your hearing testing will begin. There are a number of different tests in our battery that make up your evaluation. each of these tests will be explained to you at some point throughout the proceedings. Once testing is completed, if you have a loss that would require hearing aids, a demo-set of aids will be placed upon you and set to your particular hearing loss levels. This is done for a couple of reasons. 1) so we don’t have to talk so loud in explaining things to you. 2) It gives you a small glimpse of what hearing with hearing aids will be like, and 3) if there is someone with you, it will give you a chance to hear a more familiar voice and hear that difference. While the demo’s are on we will go over all of the testing information we collected and explain to you exactly what the problem is with your hearing. Then we will go over hearing aids; the technology, the styles, warranties, cost, etc. We will also explain the psychology of hearing aids and their use. We will help you understand the issue in not wearing and wearing hearing aids. We will also begin our discussion on what to expect when wearing hearing aids. Ideas about how to be successful, and other pieces of information will be explained to you.

Once the appointment is nearly complete, a personalized booklet will be given to you outlining all the information shared with you that day, including brochures of various products, and payment plan options. You can take this information with you for further study and consideration. If hearing aids are to be ordered that day, measurements and possible impressions of the ear are taken to insure proper fit of products. Aids are then ordered.

Ear Anatomy