Our Services

  • Hearing Aids: Sales and Service
Our staff of trained professionals dispense and adjust a broad range of hearing aid products. We work with only the top manufacturers of hearing aid products in the world. The top manufacturers are the developers of the high end technology used in today hearing devices. We can also service any make and model hearing aid on the market today.
  • Hearing Evaluations
We can perform hearing testing of all ages from newborns through adulthood. testing allows us to determine the type, and severity of hearing loss you may have. Our testing can also evaluate if a more medical related issue is present such as ear infections, or other issues that may require more medical attention. Testing can include, TYMPANOMETRY, SPEECH DISCRIMINATION, and OTOACOUSTIC EMMISSIONS.
  • Cerumen (EARWAX) Removal & Management Services
Earwax removal actually fall under the job description of the Audiologist. In our office ONLY our Audiologists remove wax from ear. We the latest in safe techniques and equipment to insure the safe removal of YOUR wax issue.
  • Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance
We service any make and model hearing aid on the market today. Many repairs can be handled on-site. For patients who purchase hearing aids through our offices, they receive all on-site repairs at NO-Charge.
  • OSHA Screening Services for Businesses
Another growing aspect of our business is providing OSHA Screen supports services for area businesses. Whether we are screening all of YOUR employees or just a few, we will give YOUR business, accurate and speedy results.
  • Assistive Listening Devices
We are the areas exclusive distributor for Harris Communications, the Nations leader in assistive listening devices with hundreds of thousands of products to choose from.
  • Speaking Engagements and Education Seminars
We are available for speaking engagements and educational seminars, including health fairs, on a first come first serve basis. This includes inservice seminars for home health care agencies about working with and caring for patients with hearing loss and hearing aids. We feel that education is a key element in helping the public understand the importance of hearing, hearing loss, and the abilities of hearing aids.
  • Hearing Health Care Counseling
We can always make ourselves available to counsel patients on any area related to hearing, hearing loss, and hearing aids.
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