We only use the best products in the world for our patients. Out of the 35 plus manufacturers of hearing aids, only 5 actually develop and research the technology that is used. We only use products from those companies. That way we insure that the quality, style, and technology are the best available. We work with all styles, and sizes of products. When prescribing a particular model and style to our patients, it is done with a number of factors involved; the amount and or severity of your hearing loss, your lifestyle needs, your physical capabilities, and to make it as simple and un-noticeable as possible.

We have staff members that wear hearing aids. We understand what works and what is important to think about in using your hearing products. We will not put a hearing aid on our patients that we would not wear ourselves.

So you can be assured that we are only going to us the best technology, and style to best fit your own personal hearing needs.


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