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Coy Park

Jun 22, 2012
Describing what I like 'best' is very difficult. Everyone in the Ashbrook Organization was extremely knowledgeable, nice, enjoyable, and professional - A great place to do business. The hearing aids themselves are working great for me. No doubt, the 'fit' was done by someone who knew their business. Thanks to all at Ashbrook!

Christine Conner

Jun 22, 2012
I like this company and their product. My hearing aid works good. The staff is always friendly.

Frances Handy

Jun 21, 2012
The way that they try to help you with the best hearing aid for you. They keep working with you so you can hear the best. I would recommend Ashbrook Audiology to anyone with a hearing problem.

Geneva Waddell

Apr 13, 2012
You're the best and I tell everyone that asks, to go see Paul. I'm so happy. Folks hardly know I have them (hearing aids) and couldn't do without them.

Penny Manning

Feb 29, 2012

I'm delighted with my new hearing aids. I'm hearing things so loud and clear. They're wonderful. Everyone at Ashbrook Audiology is so nice, courteous and they give me great service. They always greet me with a friendly warm smile.


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